Stanton Arts hires art students and all art enthusiasts who are determined to grow and progress as artists. Anyone serious about drawing will keep a sketchbook and have some samples ready. We only need to see about five sketchbook samples of heads only. Any painting or sculpture experience you have will help you do well here also. We are not so much looking for cartoons, as much a three dimensional rendering skill. Please e-mail samples to:
Experience is preferred, but we will train those with basic life drawing skills. Pay is very good, usually a percentage of sales plus tips. Hiring for the summer begins around January. Artists who stay longer have options to travel to several state fairs in the Spring and Fall. Many college age art students and international students come to Myrtle Beach in the summer and are willing to share apartments. For anyone who loves to draw, this could be the greatest job on earth. Hours at the job site will seem like minutes. If you draw well, then you will be paid well.
Artists coming in the spring: We will try to get everyone off to a head start this year with some of our own training videos that you can watch ahead of time. In the meantime, here are some links that might get you started on this wonderful journey we call caricature

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How to Draw Eyes with Adam Hughes
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2010 Caricature Convention
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